in Association with Ringwood Brewery

The Vintage Nostalgia team are proud to be Sponsored by the Ringwood Brewery Group and appreciate all the support and expertise that they bring to the festival. There will be a wonderful range of fine ales on offer over the weekend. 


Ringwood Brewery was founded by Peter Austin in 1978, a man who is revered as "the father of British Micro-brewing".



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Today the brewery is able to produce circa 40,000 barrels of its renowned and distinctive beers. In addition to Best, Fortyniner, and Old Thumper, they now brew the blonde Boondoggle and the deliciously delectable Razorback  



Specialist  in Vintage & Classic car parts, spares & accessories. 

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We are delighted to announce that our nominated charity for 2021 is the Stars Appeal Charity.


We would like to thank @swing art by Stevo (Jess Stevenson), Nic Proud, Lastscene photography, Neumann Graham Photography, John Rose Photography, Paul Bussey publishing, Russell Sach, Gillian Downes photograpy, Kirsty Hardimann, Mike Johnson and Christo Nicolle for supplying the wonderful photographs in use on this website and on other promotional material. We would also like to extend our thanks to our Sponsors and partners who help and support the festival.